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How to Remove Scratch Marks From Laminate Floors

Laminate flooring is known to be very durable. It’s one of the few floor types that can withstand wear and tear for a long time. That is as a result of the multiple layers covering that laminate flooring has. The top layer of a laminate is made from tough plastic made to withstand wear and tear. This means you can use this type of flooring for years without a tear.

Despite its durability, sanding, wire brushing, scouring, or buffering can cause a laminate floor to scratch. There are different options available to remove and repair scratch marks. Most of the options are explored in this post. Note that laminate flooring is delicate. You have to be careful when repairing a scratch on it to avoid causing more damage.

Ways to Fix Minor Scratch Marks From Laminate Floors

Purchase a Laminate Repair Kit

The easiest way to remove a scratch on laminate is to purchase a laminate repair kit. You assemble the kit and apply the paste to the affected areas. Note that, if your kit comes with an electric knife, ensure you take proper safety measures before you start the process. Check the later part of this post for some cool laminate repair kits to check on Amazon.

Use Melted Crayon

Melted crayon works well as a filler to repair scratch marks on a laminate floor. Buy a pack of a crayon with the same color as your laminate floor. Break the crayons into small pieces. Poor the broken crayons into a microwave-safe plate, place inside a microwave, and allow to melt. Wipe the laminate surface clean and use the melted crayon wax to cover the scratched area. Wipe off the excess wax and allow it to dry.  

Fill With A Maker or Pencil

A maker or pencil can be used to cover minor scratches on laminate flooring. Apply the maker carefully to blend the scratched area. For the best result, the maker or pencil has the same color as the laminate floor.

Dab With Toothpaste

You can make a mixture of toothpaste and WD 40 and use the mixture to cover the scratch. Rub the mixture evenly until the scratch fades away. Apply a mixture of vinegar and water to clean the excess off the surface.

Fix Major Scratches on Laminate Flooring

The options we listed earlier are for minor scratches.  In a situation where you have a major scratch on your laminate flooring, you can apply any of the methods below.

Apply Floor Repair Putty

Floor repair putty comes in handy for deeper scratch. Use a woodcraft stick or putty knife to apply the putty mix in the affected area. When applying the putty, hold the knife 45-degree angle to the floor to ensure you apply evenly. Use the knife to scrape the edge around the surrounding area to flatten the surface. It will take 24 hours or more for the putty to harden.

Replace the Baseboard

If the damage is too bad the best option is to replace the baseboard. Replacing a part of a laminate floor is a delicate process. You have to be careful to ensure you don’t damage the adjacent planks. Also, remember to allow some gaps during replacement to allow for expansion. Check the video below on the proper way to replace a laminate floor.

How to Prevent Scratch Marks on Laminate Flooring

You can take preventive measures to protect your laminate floor instead of allowing it to get bad enough for repairs. These are some steps you can take to prevent scratch and scuff marks.

Use a Pad on Furniture

If you have heavy furniture, it’s just a matter of time for it to scratch your laminate flooring. It can happen when you have to move them. To prevent it from damaging your floor, use a pad to cover the legs of your furniture. You can find some cool non-slip furniture pads on Amazon for a cheap price.

Use a Chair Mat

For people that make use of roller chairs also known as an office chair, you can get a chair mat. Place your chair on the chair mat to prevent the chair roller from making scratch marks on your laminate floor.

Use Rugs

Rugs add an extra protective layer that keeps your laminate floor from scratching. If you can’t afford to cover the entire room, at least cover the areas with high traffic.

Pick up Debris Often

Don’t wait until you are ready to clean the room to do this. Debris and small rocks in the room can scratch your laminate floor. Always pick them off once you see any.  

Some Laminate Repair Kit To Check on Amazon

EnerTwist Furniture and Floor Repair Kit

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The Enertwist repair kit comes in handy to fix that small but noticeable mark on your laminate floor. It comes with over ten wax blocks in different colors. The wax is very easy to melt. It takes only seconds to get everything ready. Some of the things you’ll get in the repair kit are, flattening scraper, cordless wax melter, wax blocks in different colors, and 1.5V AA batteries. The good thing is that the product comes with a 30-day money-back policy and one year warranty.

Dussal Laminate Floor Repair Kit 19 PCS

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This product is an easy to use DYI repair kit for laminate floor repairs. It works best for small scratches. The product comes with different 1 colors of wax for you to choose from. To use it, melt the wax, fill the scratched area with the wax, smooth over the surface after cool. It can be used on other surfaces besides laminate.


The durability of a laminate floor doesn’t protect it from scratch marks. In this post, tips on how to prevent and remove scratch marks on laminate have been covered in detail. Not just that, some floor repair kit for scratch removal was listed too. It is best to take steps to prevent scratch marks than repairs. But either way, this post got you covered.