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How to Remove Wood Stain from Concrete

Concrete floors have become quite popular. It is no longer a new concept to see homeowners using them for interior purposes. It comes in different fresh designs, and you can dye it into different colors. The colors add a brand new feel and look to concrete.

Despite its durability, and ability to withstand damages, concrete is susceptible to stains and would take some time to get them off. No matter how careful you might be, the wood stain might still graze your concrete. Unsealed concrete has it worse.

Getting the wood stain off your concrete would require some cleaning process. This process might need to be repeated before you can achieve the desired results. If you are looking for a straightforward, practical approach to removing the wood stain, you are in the right place. We would be discussing this and exploring many wood stain removal options that would be suitable for you.

How to Remove Wood Stain from Concrete

There are several options you can try out in removing the wood stain from concrete. These options are all dependent on you and your accessibility to the materials and cleaning products. They are easy projects, and you can handle them without the help of a professional.

1. Bleaching Method

For this method you would need;

  • Oxalic acid (it is also known as wood bleach)
  • Water
  • Rubber gloves
  • A scrub brush (long-handled)
  • Protective eyewear

Step 1

Make sure to use the specified bleach. Household bleaches are not suitable for wood stain removal. They would only waste your time with no achieved results. The oxalic bleach (wood bleach) is the recommended bleach.

Step 2

Gear up on your protective materials. Wear old clothing in case of stains. Rubber gloves and protective eyewear should be adorned as well. It is to protect you from harmful fumes that would be emitted during the cleaning process. It is also best to work in an airy environment. Stuffy places would only make you feel dizzy.

Step 3

Using the manufacturer’s instructions, mix the bleach with water accordingly. You must do it in the right appropriate amount stated.

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Step 4

Apply the mixed solution to the affected part of the concrete. After putting the application, let the solution sit on the concrete for at least 15 minutes.

Step 5

After 15 minutes has elapsed, rinse the concrete with clean water. You should use enough water, so it washes the acid entirely away.

2. Sandblasting Method

For this method you would need;

  • Sandblaster
  • Water
  • Protective eyewear
  • Protective clothing/gear

Step 1

Rent a sandblaster. Sandblasters can easily be rented from home improvement stores or hardware stores around you.

Step 2

Allow the wood stain to dry, and then proceed to sandblast it off the concrete’s surface. Remember to be on your protective eyewear and gear throughout the entire process of sandblasting.

Step 3

The sand should be cleaned off or swept after the entire process.

3. Muriatic Acid Method

For this method you would need;

  • Muriatic acid (it is also known as Hydrochloric Acid)
  • Concrete sealants
  • Bucket
  • Water
  • Rubber gloves
  • Protective eyewear and protective gear

Step 1

Protecting yourself is the very first step to take before proceeding to clean. It prevents you from harm. You should wear rubber gloves, protective eyewear, and protective clothing or gear.

Step 2

Using twenty parts of water mix with one amount of muriatic acid. The solution must be well blended.

Step 3

Apply the mixture to the stain and clean off.

Step 4

Sometimes the stain might go off completely. When this happens, add another part of the muriatic acid to the water. The solution can be made stronger till the wood stain is completely gone.

Step 5

It would help if you washed the area with water after removing the stains.

Step 6

you might leave a powdery residue after washing off with water. This residue can also be cleaned off using water.

Step 7

It would leave you with clean concrete after washing off. To prevent further stains in the future, concrete sealing should be done. You can research the different types of sealants available.

4. Applying absorbents

This method would need;

  • Paper towels or old rags
  • Kitty litter or baby powder
  • Water
  • Nylon brush
  • Liquid dish soap

Step 1

Clean off as much wood stain as you can with your paper towels or old rags. Allowing wood stains to sit on the concrete is giving it more room to seep into it. Concrete is porous, but unsealed concrete is more absorbent than the sealed concrete. After cleaning, dispose of paper towels or old rags into the bin.

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Step 2

You should apply the absorbent. Cover stain with baby powder or kitty litter. You can also make use of sawdust, but it is dependent on its availability. You should cover the area with a plastic wrap and ensure to tape the edges. Air isn’t supposed to get through it. Let it sit for twenty-four hours.

Step 3

You should then proceed to sweep out the absorbent and place dirt in a bin.

Step 4

Liquid dish soap should be adequately mixed with water and placed into a spray bottle. It would be best if you then sprayed into remnants of stain. Using the nylon brush, scrub till you produce lather. Scrub till stain till you completely clean up the stain.

Step 5

Clean up with paper towels and old rags. After that, wash off with clean water. You can do It can be done with a water hose. You can repeat the process over again. This repetition is simply because some stains are stubborn and would require more than one brush.

5. Poultice Method

You would need;

  • Poultice
  • Absorbent
  • Acetone
  • Bowl
  • Protective wear
  • Plastic wrap
  • Brush

Step 1

The first step to this is mixing the poultice in a bowl with other active ingredients. Remember to be on your protective wear and eyewear the entire process. Mix the poultice with kitty litter or diatomaceous, and acetone. It should be thoroughly mixed till a thin paste is formed. The paste would resemble the consistency of peanut butter. It shows you that paste is ready for use.

Step 2

Apply the poultice to stain. It should be applied using a brush and generously applied. After application, the poultice should be covered with a plastic wrap and taped at the edges. It should be allowed to dry and sit in for twenty-four hours or more adequately. Acetone needs much time to penetrate the stains.

Step 3

After a duration of twenty-four hours, scrap off the poultice with plastic material. Your spatula can use a spatula. After finishing with the scrapping, you should use a damp paper towel or cloth to wipe off. It finally reveals a fresh stain-free concrete.

How to Remove Oil Stains From Concrete

There are several methods for removing oil stains from concrete. And aside from dealing with wood stains, another type of stain many homeowners deal with is oil stains. Oil stains are not great for your concrete. They can, however, be thoroughly dealt with and cleaned.

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Before proceeding to buy store-bought cleaners, there are several homemade products you can try.

1. Using Coke

The mineral soda isn’t just for your drinking pleasure. It can be used in cleaning out oil stains from concrete. With a combination of coke and dawn, you are left with a fantastic oil remover.

  • Pour coke all over the stain.
  • Add a large amount of dawn.
  • Use a brush to scrub. It would be best if you did it in circular motions.
  • Rinse out with water
  • Repeat the process if needed.

2. Using Baking Soda

It is best done with a combination of dawn. Baking soda is an incredibly versatile product.

  • Sprinkle baking soda all-over stain. If it is a large stain, you can make use of the entire box of baking soda.
  • Allow it to sit for fifteen minutes.
  • Add dawn and water to form a paste.
  • Scrub the area with the brush. It would be best if you did it in circular motions.
  • Rinse area with water
  • Repeat the process if needed.

3. Using Powdered Detergent

You can also use powdered detergent in getting rid of oil stains.

  • Cover the entire area with powdered detergent.
  • Use a little bit of water to form a paste.
  • Scrub with the brush in circular motions.
  • Allow it to sit for at least an hour or more.
  • Rinse area with clean water
  • Repeat the process if needed.

4. Using Cat Litter

Another excellent oil removal option is cat litter.

  • Apply a generous amount of cat litter over the stain.
  • It would help if you used your feet to grind cat litter into the stain
  • Allow the cat litter sit for twenty hours or more
  • Use a shovel to remove cat litter.
  • Sweep the area thoroughly.


Taking care of your concrete should be paramount. Stains need to be avoided at all costs and cleaned immediately when they occur. Using a sealant on your concrete also prevents it from further stains. Concrete flooring is still a great choice of flooring to use in your homes, driveways, or garages.