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Round Vs. Elongated Toilet Seat

Whether you are replacing your toilet seat because it is old and worn, or because you want something more comfortable, or because you recently learned about the life-changing experience of the bidet, one of the crucial things you should know is how to determine if the toilet seat is round or elongated. You don’t want to buy the one that does not suit your needs. 

The toilets in residential areas were usually round, but more recently, an elongated shape has become more popular, giving bathrooms a more modern look. However, round toilets are still installed – especially in smaller spaces where their slightly smaller dimensions can help save space in a confined area.

How To Tell If Toilet Seat Is Round Or Elongated

You can tell whether a toilet seat is round or elongated with a simple measurement.

Simply take the measurement of the length of the toilet bowl from the center of the toilet seat bolt holes on the back of the toilet to the front edge of the toilet bowl.

It should be noted that round toilet bowls measure approximately 16.5 inches. At the same time, elongated toilet bowls measure about 18.5 inches. But then it doesn’t matter how accurately it is measured. Toilet seats are not sold by size, but by shape. Once you know whether you have a round toilet or an elongated toilet, you are good to go.

Round Vs. Elongated Toilet Seat: The Pros And Cons 

The toilet bowl determines whether you need a round or elongated toilet seat. The seat must fit into the bowl shape to be positioned correctly. When looking for a new toilet in the market, you have to choose between an elongated and a round seat, among other things. So you need to look at the pros and cons of these two types of seats to help you make a good decision.

Round toilet


  • It features a more traditional style
  • A round toilet can fit well in small spaces.
  • It is less expensive.


  • Itis harder to use and to keep clean.
  • The round toilet seat has a less vigorous flush.
  • It can be less convenient to use.

Elongated toilet


  • It is much more comfortable to use
  • It can be easier to maintain and clean.
  • Some can have a stronger flush. 
  • It can come with modern design.


  • Elongated toilet seats are expensive.
  • It may not fit in small bathrooms.

Comparing Elongated Vs Round Toilet

Toilet bowls come in two primary forms, namely; a round bowl and elongated bowl. Both work similarly but are of different sizes, so they may not fit in the room or work in the same way. Below are outlined the differences between them so you can make a more informed decision about which will work better in your bathroom.

a. The Appearance

Most toilet manufacturers produce many of their most popular types of toilets in both a round and an elongated form. The shape of the bowl does not affect the stylish parts of the toilet, such as the detailing on the lid. They are one-piece or two-piece and have a skirted bottom or detailing on the edges.

The only difference in appearance is the bowl shape itself. A round toilet bowl is closer to a real circle. It, therefore, extends less into space.

An elongated toilet bowl is oval and extends a few inches further into the front of the room. As the bathrooms get bigger, the elongated bowl becomes more common, which can make it look more contemporary. The round toilet bowl shape is more often associated with older and smaller bathrooms.

b. Ease of Use

Both the elongated and round toilets are used similarly. It doesn’t matter whether a man or a woman uses it. However, the elongated type is a longer and larger bow. Its shape may be more comfortable to sit on. It can also be easier for men or children to work with less clutter, and there is a larger area for those with mobility issues to get in and out of.

c. Space

The exact dimensions of a toilet are up to the manufacturer. In general, an elongated bowl is about 2 inches longer at the front than a round bowl. Also, some manufacturers also make a third toilet bowl that is between the two sizes. A toilet typically takes at least 21 inches in front of it to meet most building codes.

Furthermore, some cities and towns may require more space, while ADA-compliant bathrooms take up 48 inches. For small bathrooms, saving 2 inches with a rounded-front toilet bowl can mean passing or breaking building codes. Therefore, the majority of the small bathrooms make better use of round bowls.

d. The Installation process 

The round and elongated front toilets are installed in the same manner. If the toilet comes with a separate tank and bowl, they are connected first. A wax ring is placed around the waste pipe, and the toilet is raised at a slight angle. After turning, the pressure is applied to all sides before screwing down the toilet and connecting the water.

Elongated trays maybe a little more awkward to lift and move, but in most cases, it makes little difference for installation.

e. Maintenance

Elongated toilets may be a little easier to clean than a round front bowl. Also, the elongated shape of some brands has fewer gaps at the bottom of the bowl, making it easier to insert a cleaning brush. The longer shape also makes it easier to see into the front interior of the bowl, making it less difficult for you to maintain and keep it clean.

f. Power of Flush

There are many different types of flush technology, from pressure-assisted to double cyclone flushes. If the toilet uses a flush that forcibly circulates the water in the bowl, the elongated shape of the toilet can provide slightly better pressure. 

However, in other types of flushing technology, there is no difference between the two. As long as you use the toilet and bathroom size that’s right for your home, you shouldn’t see much difference in performance.

Can I Install An Elongated Toilet Seat On A Round Toilet?

Technically an elongated toilet seat will fit on a round toilet. But the fit and comfort can be compromised. An elongated toilet seat is likely to tower over a round toilet, which may be fine unless the edge of the toilet is visible from within the opening of the toilet seat. If this is the case, then expect it to be incredibly uncomfortable for male users.

The best way to see if this is working is to measure the opening of the toilet seat to see if there is an overhang.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I Install A Round Toilet Seat On An Elongated Toilet?

Although you can install a round toilet seat on top of an elongated toilet, it is not advisable. A round toilet seat does not entirely cover the rim of the toilet bowl of an elongated toilet. Hence it usually leaves the rim free. This is certainly not a problem with the function of the toilet seat, but it does affect the aesthetics of the design and, therefore, doesn’t look entirely right.

How Often Should You Change Your Toilet Seat?

Toilet seats have no expiration dates, and it’s challenging to find clear information about when to replace them. But don’t worry, if you want to know how long toilet seats last, here is the short answer: toilet seats typically last five years or more.

Are Elongated Toilet Seats More Comfortable?

Elongated toilet seats are considered more comfortable than round ones. When seated on, they adapt better to the shape of a person’s bottom and offer enough space in the front and back for all toilet-based activities. However, the choice of the type of toilet seat depends on the shape of the toilet itself.

What Cleaners Should I Use To Clean My Toilet Seat?

When cleaning your toilet seat, first wash your toilet seat with mild and soapy water. Then rinse the seat thoroughly with clean water and dry with a soft cloth. Avoid detergents, disinfectants, or detergents in aerosol cans. Avoid the use of abrasive powders on your seat. Some bathroom chemicals and cosmetics can damage the surface of your seat.

What Is The Best Elongated Toilet Seat?

Here are some of the best elongated seats in the market:

  • TOTO SS154#01 Traditional SoftClose Elongated Toilet Seat. 
  • Brondell L60-EB LumaWarm Heated Nightlight Elongated Toilet Seat 
  • BEMIS 1500EC 000 Toilet Seat
  • KOHLER K-4636-0 Cachet Elongated White Toilet Seat 


In conclusion, this article shows that there is not much of a difference between round and elongated shapes in toilets. The only significant variations are in terms of appearance, size, and comfort. So if you ask for an elongated or a round toilet seats- which is the better option? The choice depends entirely on your requirements, such as dimensions, budget, and comfort.