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Stanton Carpet: 7 Facts You Should Know

Stanton carpet is one of the top carpet brands in the market today. The carpet has fascinating features, colors, styles, and patterns for any home. The Stanton carpet corporation was built to bring styles and value to the carpet market. 

About Stanton Carpet History 

Over the past 30 years, Stanton has made their mission come to reality because they have grown to be one of the nations’ leading manufacturers. 

They are also known as importers of highly decorative quality carpets and custom rugs. Stanton carpet has grown even bigger to be able to include multiple brands that still focus on decorative floorings. Antrim, Rosecore, Crescent, and Hibernia are the brands that Stanton saw as capable to join in the production of its creative and inventive flooring industry. 

They have so far made the finest, decorative carpeting with an ever-growing dedication to quality and premium service. Stanton carpet itself does not only specialize in carpets but also produces quality custom rugs and runners, just for the customer to have options to choose from. 

With the high quality, design-driven patterns and styles that are available throughout the country, Stanton also produces several special collections including the Pacific Villa and Wiltrex Collections of needlepoint Wiltons and the Atelier Collection of decorative patterns. This is luxury at its peak, and these luxuries are sold at affordable prices for you to give color to your home. 

Is Stanton Carpet Durable?

The durability of a carpet is one of the questions buyers ask. If you want to know if the Stanton carpet is durable, Yes. The Stanton carpet is durable. The durability of the Stanton depends on factors. When exposed to extremes, it tends to reduce the life span of Stanton carpet or even damage the carpet in the process. 

High traffic is one of the factors that can reduce the life span of a Stanton carpet. When you place your carpet in an area where the traffic is high, it has a high tendency of being exposed to soil. If the carpet does not undergo frequent vacuuming then it will lose its durability. 

Irrespective of this Stanton provides durable and long-lasting carpet for the comfort of your home. It also has a soil-resistant. Also, the product comes with a warranty and is made with the most innovative technologies and natural materials.

Stanton Carpet Colors

Stanton carpets come in different designs, patterns, collections, colors, usage, Fiber content, and even the width of the carpet. The Company is driven by the desire to produce and invent high-class carpets that will help enhance and promote the look of your home. Stanton carpet puts designs and styles first when manufacturing their products, other features are then put into consideration after these factors. 

Stanton carpets have all shades of black, yellow, purple, grey, brown, dark red, white, off-white, and a host of other varieties. These carpets also have mixed fiber colors and so many blends. 

The construction of these designs can be either hand-loomed or flat woven or hand-tufted or machine tufted or a straight stitch. The constructions give you the option to make a selection. 

The carpet width come in 13’2, 15, 2’2 and 2’7. The carpet width will determine the size of your room or any space you want the carpet to be.

Stanton Carpet Price 

The price of the Stanton carpet depends on if the collection is made from Wool or Polypropylene. The price of Polypropylene carpet collections starts from $3.33 per square foot. While the price of Wool collections starts from $4.22 per square foot. 

Note that the prices listed here are based on estimates. It can be more expensive or cheaper depending on the dealer.

How To Clean Stanton Carpet

When there’s a spill and spot on your carpet, you need to clean it off immediately to prevent it from being hard to remove. To do this you must follow these procedures to get the stains off. It is also necessary to have the right cleaning materials. 

a. Immediately the stain or spot happens, do well to blot it and not rub to prevent spreading it to other carpet sides that are not affected. Blot with a white paper towel or with a clean absorbent cloth. In case of a solid spill, scoop it up.

b. While using cleaning solutions or detergent, you must make sure that it is all PH neutral. You can test this out by trying the cleaning agent in an unseen area. 

c. After blotting, apply the cleaning agent to your absorbent white cloth and keep blotting to remove the spill entirely from the carpet. Flip the cloth or towel to absorb more stain. 

d. Moisten with water but do not over-saturate.

e. Blot inwardly from the head to the bottom to prevent excess spreading. Quit blotting for a while and wait for the cleaning agent to penetrate the carpet to make the stains lighter. 

f. When the spot is gone, use a dry absorbent cloth to blot the area, this will help soak in the moisture on the carpet. 

g. Rinse with clear water and use a dry cloth to add pressure to the carpet to take in moisture.

How To Maintain Stanton Carpet

Maintenance is very vital for the longevity of a carpet. With proper maintenance, the Stanton carpet will maintain its beauty for the long term. Vacuuming is important to maintain carpet. Use a vacuum that its brush is far away from the surface of the carpet or use a suction-only canister vacuum. 

This vacuum can help you deal with pilling, fuzzing, and pulls issues on your carpet. When you notice a spill, wipe it off as fast as you can. Don’t use stain repellents that contain silicone on your carpet because it can lead to carpet soiling. 

Put doormats at the entrance of your home and always keep them clean. Change the doormats when they become weary and old. 

When vacuuming, change the dust bag when it is half full, and remember to change the filters in your heating and air conditioner systems. 

How To Install Stanton Carpet

Whether you choose to hire a professional installer or use DIY projects, you should bear in mind that there are some basic installation procedures to follow. 

a. To start, note that seams are prone to be visible as the work goes on. Ensure you seal all edges that have been cut back to their original state. Edges like seams, perimeters, and any openings. Stanton recommends that you let the carpet acclimate to room conditions for at least 24 hours. 

b. Match carpets with repetitive patterns with multiple rolls in sequence. Install the longest roll first and move step by step till you reach the shorter patterns. 

c. Match all patterns in the center of the seam and work towards the ends. Use flat solid rubber or fiber cushions with a minimum weight of 40 oz/sy for your underlays. Make sure to put a proper cushion on your floor to ensure that no carpet seam will be gone within 6 inches of the cushion seam. 

d. Cut your carpet from the top with a cushion back cutter to avoid mistakes. 

e. When you notice pins protruding through the surface of the carpet make use of thin felt. Press it over the tacks to build up the base on the tackles strip before attaching carpets. 

f. Use premium 6″ seaming tape to get a good bond at the seam area so that the seam would not peak. If you are making use of the direct glue-down method then make sure your substrate is clean and dry and use a quality adhesive to stick them together. These instructions will help you achieve a perfect installation.


Stanton carpet will always serve you better if you constantly clean and maintain it. It is easy to maintain and also to clean if you know the right procedures. Stanton carpet also gives the highest designs, patterns, and colors with a comfortable feeling like a bonus. 

This article will help you make the best decisions that will be suitable for your home and household at large.