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Stark Carpet: 7 Facts To Know

You are having many options to choose from but Shark carpet caught your attention and you want to know more. This article is all about the Stark carpet and how it fits the decor of your home with less stress and more comfort. 

Understanding Stark Carpet

Stark carpet came about in 1938 with Arthur Stark and his wife as the founders. Currently, Chad Stark and Ashley Stark are now handling the business and since then has maintained the legacy the company started with. They are still known for the production of the most innovative unique carpet with beautiful designs with the help of the best craftsman and methods of manufacturing. 

Stark has been so reproductive right from the onset that they had the privilege of helping to furnish and decorate the White House during the Kennedy Administration. They have been in expansion from Europe and now extended to China. 

Shark has always been up to create premium carpet designs for any type of home decor even making provisions for luxury residential and hospitality carpeting projects. They also offer services that most industries do not offer. They do not only look out for our home but they also look out for our convenience. 

Their customers’ services are top-notch when it comes to assisting. Stark carpets are still ever-growing because they are still up to make more inventions and researches that no one has heard of. 

Is Stark Carpet Durable?

Stark carpet lasts for a long time as far as proper care and maintenance is been given to the carpet. If you take care of your carpet and do it frequently then your carpet has a high tendency to last for a long period. A Stark carpet can withstand high traffic but all factors still point back to being able to maintain and keep the carpet clean. 

Maintaining your carpet is like giving the carpet oxygen to breathe. When your Stark carpet undergoes constant heavy traffic but lacks proper care, it will make the fibers weak and the carpet will damage in a short period. 

Starks Carpet Collections

a. Revel Stark Collection

This collection is made from natural fibers in place of synthetic fiber. This collection comes in just six styles. But each carpet in the collection is crafted from 100% wool. The Macbeth adds a European feel to your room while the Flex adds to the general beauty of your home. 

b. Haycon Stark Collection

The Haycon collection is made from 100% silk fiber material. It comes in five styles for you to choose from. All the carpets in this collection are cut-pile. The exception is the Whitley Diamond which is a tip-shear pile. 

c. Eternal Stark Collection

This collection is has a mix of hand-made flatweave and hand-woven carpets. Also, it comes in 28 styles for you to pick from. The carpets in this collection are made from 100% Polypropylene. Also, the collections are produced in different countries. For instance, the Shetland and Twila collections are made in the United States. 

d. Odeza Stark Collection

If you are working on a budget, this collection comes in handy for you. It is a low-budget but premium carpet. They are made from a mix of Polypropylene or Polyester materials. There are few carpets in this collection made from a fiber and wool mix. For instance, the Nylon and Viscose carpets. Some others are made from 100% Polypropylene, for instance, Arte. 

e. Missoni Home Stark Collection

This collection has many styles made from a combo of wool and a mixture of synthetic fibers. For instance, the Baci and Zucca are both made from 100% wool material. While Fleury is made from a mixture of Nylon and Wool. 

How Much Does Stark Carpet Cost

Stark carpet allows you to experience a high-quality carpet at a low cost. Stark carpet is known as the most-friendly brand because they always have customers at heart. Being recognized as a popular brand that is known for producing luxurious products does not stop them from giving an option to anyone at every level. Spark as a Company believes that it not all about selling the products but it is also about expanding the community as large. 

The cost of the Stark carpet under the Essentials collection ranges from $10 to $20 per square foot. The Stark Studio offerings range from $40 to $80 per square foot. Meanwhile, the Stark classic collection starts at $80 and ranges up to $200 and beyond for extensive customization. These prices allow everyone to have a share in the quality carpet that Stark offers.

How To Clean Stark Carpet

Cleaning a carpet is essential and when not done can destroy or damage the life span of the carpet. Regular cleaning like spills and spots should also be executed on your carpet immediately they happen because it will be harder to remove if left for a longer period. Stark recommends that your carpet will be in a good shape if you have them cleaned by professionals at least once per year. In any case of spill and spot, these procedures should be observed.

a. Clean off the stains or spills as soon as they happen to avoid the stain from becoming hard to get off. When they pose as hard, getting it off with force might destroy the carpet.

b. While cleaning makes sure to work from the edge of the spill and then move inwards, this process will also prevent the spill from spreading to other parts of the carpet.

c. If the spill is a solid one then remove with a rounded tablespoon, spatula, or the edge of a plastic scraper, this is to prevent the carpet from getting any damages while trying to remove the solid spill. 

d. While cleaning, bolt the carpet with a white absorbent towel or tissue paper. Do not scrub or rub the pile. 

e. If you are dealing with a wool carpet or wool blend, then rinse the spot on the carpet with clear water and blot until it is dry.

 f. The area should be left to dry before usage to avoid rapid re-soiling. You can ventilate the whole room or use a fan to speed up the drying process.

How To Maintain Stark Carpet

Maintaining your carpet will only make it last for a long time. 

a. For your carpet to last long you need to use an anti-slip underlay. This anti-slip underlayment helps go protect the underside of the carpet and makes it softer to walk on. 

b. Clean your rug and not wait till it has accumulated enough dirt. Regular vacuuming will help eliminate any sign of damage to your carpet. Normally, your carpet will endure a lot of wear and tear from dirt, sand, dust, spills, and foot traffic daily. 

Vacuuming your carpet daily will help prolong the appearance and life of the carpet. When choosing a vacuum to use, it is best to go for a suction vacuum than going for a beater bar. After each cleaning, check the vacuum bag. If the debris on the vacuum bag becomes too full, it will be less effective and efficient. 

c. Make use of absorbent mats as well at the entrance of your home because these mats will help trap down soils that should be on your carpet. Make sure to clean or replace the absorbent mat when due.

How To Install Stark Carpet

Although you can handle the installation process following a DIY tutorial. But the Stark carpet Company recommends that an expert Craftsman should take care of this luxurious carpet throughout the installation process to prevent damage. With an extra fee, Stark can also render the installation and delivery services using trained and experienced technicians. They can take care of the installation process by themselves.


This is new with carpets based on purchasing your carpets from them and still have them deliver it, unpack, roll out and install. And this installment is done by experts that have been in the business in conjunction with Stark. Stark carpet also made provisions for everyone by providing a quality carpet at an affordable price. 

These carpets also come in different styles and patterns, letting you choose from the collections. This carpet will offer comfort to your home at no cost.