How to Start A Photography Business With Little or no Money

The photography business has been one of the popular job and hobbies in the world right now. As such it is easier to turn your hobbies into a business.

Every individual interested in starting a business carries a little fear factor inside them. Some think it is not the right thing to do, they feel they are making a mistake. Some are afraid to quit their current jobs and move into business though you don’t necessarily need to. Others feel they are throwing all their life savings and time into a business they don’t know if it will survive. All these are necessary risk and fear every one starting a business should face.

As one going into the photography business, you can actually start with little or no money. There are certain inexpensive ways you can start your business and run it. Be sure to know that there are certain things you should have, certain conditions you would have to meet, before making headway. See it more as a minimum prerequisite for start-up businesses.

Your digital camera:

Before becoming even a photographer, it is very important you get a good digital camera. It is the first thing you should do once you’ve noticed your passion and like for photography. As one starting a photo business with little or no money, it not necessary to go for a very expensive camera. A simple digital DSLR would do like the Nikon D5300 or any that is cheap. Check out my article on good cheap DSLR and select a good camera you can afford:
Before going into business, be sure to get a good one.

Knowing your camera:

This is very important. Knowing your basic camera the settings, you should have gotten certain important skills, know the different styles and modes of your camera to some level. However, you don’t need high and professional skills to start a photography business. Just get the basic knowledge about a camera and how it works.
Also, it is important you have a good knowledge of either the Lightroom or Photoshop editing software. This is especially important for those going into studio business. Also, have a computer if possible with an Internet connection.

Your cell phone:

This is important. Your cell phone is where you save the contact of your clients. It would be good to not be overly dependent on your personal cell phone. You can get another one for your business, If not, you can still use your personal cell phone for a start.
Your business plan:

This should contain your aims and goals. It shows you are serious about having a photography business. For a start, you don’t need to have a well-detailed business plan, but it should contain your cost and expenses, your aims and goals and what you plan to achieve within a short period of time. Also, include ways/how you intend to source for funds.

Have a positive approach:

Nobody said it was ever going to be easy while starting, but that does not mean you would have to give up midway. Have the right mindset and apply it to whatever you are doing. Here are the basic steps you need to take:

Use your little capital for a big investment:

This implies identifying the basic things you need for your business and purchasing it. When starting a photography business, you have made some little saving, use it to get some basic things you need to start. That might be your digital camera (DSLR) or you might need a tripod or a good lighting equipment or even a reflector. You could source for some funds by going to your family members or even friends or go for a loan.

Name your business:

Have a brand name for your photography business is of the essence. What you name your business will become the brand. You would have to get a name fitting to your photography type and the service you intend to render. If you are into event photography, or kid or wildlife, your photography name should be related to it.
You would have to make sure you are not using an already existing or registered name. You could also relate it to your name, that way it saves you from using an already existing name.

Have an online portfolio:

You can open a website, a beautiful and perfectly designed one. This is an important asset you should start making arrangements for. Your website will help you build your portfolio, give you an online presence and add value to your business. Getting a website might require money, especially when it comes to the design and development. The website is where you can showcase your work, your contact information. Your experience and work should be there for your clients to see.

Also, you need a social media presence. Luckily getting a Facebook and Instagram does not cost much money, all that is required is putting in much time and effort into it. Creating a good media page help drive traffic to your website and will attract more clients to you. It’s important to have an Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn account for your business and website. You can spend some money advertising your Facebook page. This is very important. It is one of the most efficient ways to market online. Also getting a business card is important, you can drop your contact and email and personal address there.

Free work and networking ideas:

You can create awareness about your business without having to spend much money. One easy way to do this is by connecting with local businesses, restaurant, fashion houses. They can give their clients free or low price photoshop sessions with you as a way of attracting them and giving discounts, this is an opportunity for you to market yourself, you can share your cards and fliers to them.

You could also use your media pages to give discounts to clients who have liked your page or have commented. For your event shoots, you could upload photos of people you have taken on your website or page with their permission and tag them. This will help network your business and attract more clients to you.

Save money for advertisement:

At some stage of your business, you would need to invest money in advertisement. It would be necessary to start saving money for this. You would need advertisement for your business, website (photos you have uploaded for sale would need to be advertised.
Advertising help to propel and grow your business forward. Look out for advertisement opportunities you can afford.

Keep in touch with your clients:

Your clients are very important to your business, ensure you follow up on them. Be good to them and often give out attractive packages they would appreciate. This is one aspect of customer service you should be careful with as it determines if you will keep and retain them.

Starting saving for your license:

It is important you register and license your business, fulfill your legal obligation and pay tax. It’s also important to get a copyright. All these require money, so keep that in mind and start making savings for it.

In summary, here are the steps I have listed

1. Use your little capital for a big investment

2. Name your business

3. Have an online portfolio

4. Free work and networking ideas

5. Save money for advertisement

6. Keep in touch with your clients

7. Make saving for licensing your business

Here is a video review:

I believe there are other steps you could take, take time to comment in the box below.

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