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Swiffer Wetjet Wood vs Regular

Swiffer wetjet models are created by the Procter & Gamble Company. The brand is described as an all-in-one mopping system for giving your floor a quick, easy and efficient clean. The wetjet models clean virtually any floor. On the other hand, the wetjet wood is made specifically for finished wood floors. Today, we will review the Swiffer wetjet wood and the regular. Outlining their features to see if there’s a difference. 

An Overview on Swiffer

Swiffer is an American cleaning brand owned by Procter & Gamble. The brand was first introduced in 1999 when the Swiffer sweeper was invented. It later gained prominence in America in 2002 after Swiffer wetjet was tried in Canada and Belgium in 2001.

This invention made cleaning a whole lot easier. Individuals no longer had to stress heavily for their floors to tidy. Also, you didn’t have to do through the strenuous manual floor mopping sessions before having a clean space. Since then several other Swiffer cleaning products have been introduced for the comfort of man. Swiffer wetjet wood, Swiffer sweeper wet and dry, and Swiffer dust-N-shine are some of the popular products.

The Swiffer Wetjet (regular Swiffer)

It first came to the public through QVC a shopping channel then on cable television. One thing that made it different from the traditional cleaning item was its starter kit. Having a starter kit is a common attribute of Swiffer products.

Generally, the starter kit comes with many disposables and reusables to get you cleaning with ease. Specifically, the Swiffer wetjet starter kit contains the following; 500mls of a cleaning solution, 2 pairs of AA Batteries, A power floor spray mop, 2 original mopping pads refills and 3 extra power pads refills. 


1. A lightweight handle made of aluminum. It comes detached in two pieces which of course you would assemble before joining it to the mop head. The handle also comes with a curved plastic top.

2. It works on batteries. For the wetjet to function you need batteries. Its starter packs come with four, after which you will be responsible for a refill.

3. It is safe to use on finished hardwood that isn’t waxed or oiled. But, it is better used on tile, linoleum, marble and other floorings.


Its absorbent mop pad traps dirt and removes stains pretty well. Though sometimes more pressure is needed for tougher stains. It is also easy to use. The pads attach and detach without stress due to their Velcro strips. The power spray also springs to action just by pressing and holding down its button. It is also easy to maneuver. The curve top of the handle makes holding and turning the mop comfortable.

The wetjet mop also had its downside. For one, some parts feel flimsy. Also, since its compartment is made of plastic, it is susceptible to breaking easily. The supplies don’t last long that is the mop pads and cleaning solution. You will need a continuous refill. Though on the bright side, pad refills are readily available. Plus there are several options to select from when choosing cleaning solutions. 


Its price is fair for a mop that requires regular refills. It sells at about $22 on Amazon. The cleaning solution refills cost about Ten dollars for two-packs with each being 1.25 liters. The mop pad refills for a pack of 24 costs about eleven dollars on Amazon.

The Swiffer Wetjet wood

This is a modification of the Swiffer wetjet. It is an all-in-one system made specifically for the hardwood floor. It is however suitable for cleaning other floor types too including the linoleum and laminate flooring. Just like the regular Swiffer, the wetjet wood also comes with a starter kit. Within the starter kit lies the following; 500mls of quick-dry cleaning solution, 2 pairs of AA batteries and 10 microfiber-like wetjet cleaning pads. This starter kit is what you get along with the Swiffer wetjet itself.


1. A dual-nozzle sprayer that releases the cleaning solution across the floor to be mopped. By pressing the spray button on the handle, just the right amount of solution is released.

2. It works with cordless technology. Its batteries are inserted in a compartment along the pole.

3. It has LED lights on its mop head that shines the way through as you mop the floor. This helps you spot the dirt and the direction of your spray.

4. The mop head swivel hence maneuvering is easy.


It does clean the hardwood floor efficiently. The cleaning cloth absorbs well, picks and locks dirt, crumbs and grime but it is not washable. It is a one-time use mop pad. The unit is lightweight, made of a plastic body and an aluminum handle. This makes some of its parts breakable. The cleaning solution is also effective. Upon use, it leaves the floor fragranced and shining.

However, it isn’t suitable for a waxed or unfinished hardwood floor. The LED lights are the added feature that gives you a clearer vision of your space while mopping. Also, because of its compact construction, storing is easy. It doesn’t take up much space to be stored.

The wetjet wood however is not without its drawbacks. For one, white streaks maybe left on the floor flooring mopping. This kind of dulls the floor’s appearance. Though this doesn’t happen often neither does happen to all floors. Its pole is thin and lights making it prone to snapping easily. But, thankfully Swiffer offers a money-back guarantee. You can contact them if it happens.

There may also be leaks from the nozzle or clogs which will affect its functionality. However, this rarely happens. Then, there is also the cleaning cloth which is thin but gets the job done.


It is pricey. It cost about 44 dollars on Amazon. The refill cleaning solution cost about 10 dollars for 2 packs and its mop pad refill cost about 15 dollars for a pack of 24.

Comparing The Swiffer Wetjet Wood And The Regular

In my opinion, they are pretty much the same although the Swiffer wetjet wood has an added LED light feature. It also has more pad refills than the regular wetjet.

Both are constructed the same way with neither suitable for unfinished, oiled or waxed wood. Also, both use a floor spray mechanism. Both use non-reusable microfiber-like mop pads which are absorbent. You will need regular refills. The two products run on cordless technology and use 4 AA batteries. Both come with 500mls free trial cleaning solution designed for the Swiffer wetjet. Both have a flat mop head and have a compact design. They are both about the same weight too.  

If you already own a regular Swiffer wetjet you may not need to buy a new wetjet wood. Unless of course, the former gets broken or you feel it’s time to recycle. But if you are yet to get a Swiffer for your hardwood, the Swiffer wetjet wood is a good option.

Pros Of Both Products

  • It is lightweight.
  • It is easy to use.
  • Easy to maneuver.
  • It cleans the floor of dust and grime efficiently.
  • The battery lasts long.

Cons of Both Products

  • Its handle is flimsy and may snap.
  • It requires regular refills of the cleaning solutions and mop pads. Hence, may cost more in the long run.