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How To Restore Terrazzo Floor Yourself (Step-to-Step Guide)

A terrazzo floor can be restored. Those cracks and breaks can be fixed. What about the holes and sticky-dull marks? They can be repaired and restored as well. This guide will lead you on how to go about your terrazzo floor restoration. Those discolorations and acid smudges will be a thing of the past if you apply the tips in this post. 

When these procedures are followed, it will give a shiny and new finish like it was on the first installment. The most fun part of this is that you can do it, and there will be no need for a professional. Fixing your terrazzo by yourself will be cheaper than hiring a professional. Although this can be possible depending on the damage.

Some flawed or broken terrazzo may be a result of UV lightning or long-term wear. It must not be a result of breaks or scratches. If holes in terrazzo are not repaired or restored fast, liquid stains can soak into it, thereby causing discoloration. 

Damages can also happen during the removal of any floor coverings like carpets and tiles. This removal of coverings can cause chunks and pits on the surface of the terrazzo floor. You may feel the need to hire a professional if it is not what you can handle. If you must undertake the project, then it must be done well to prevent further damages.

How do You Restore Terrazzo Floors

With a proper terrazzo floor restoration, you can gain lots of benefits that will last for an extended period. This complete guide will show you the steps that you need to take to restore your floor.

Set up the Floor:

You will need to prep the floor where the work will be done. Start by removing all floor coverings. Remove the adhesives used in attaching the base covering together. Using a neutral tile and stone cleaner solution, clean the floor thoroughly. By doing this, you remove the sealants and wax on the floor surface. 

Remove all furniture and cover any that cannot be removed. The floor should be made vacant before you start the process.

Grind the Terrazzo Floor:

Grinding the floor helps you to acquire a high glow glimmer on your terrazzo floor. It also helps to lighten any surviving stains. A proper grinding should be induced if you are looking forward to a shiny and beautiful finish. Use a 400-pound planetary grinder. This grinding tool will smooth your terrazzo.

It will also expose any scratch or chunks that were not visible at first. When you are done grinding the surface of your terrazzo floor, make sure that the floor is free from any damages and it is more detailed. Then swap the grinder with a finer grit. Repeat the process you used while using the grinder. 

This should be done till you have accomplished the shine that you desire. If they are still traces of stains, which are rare, you can apply a poultice on it to get it out.

Patch the Cracks and Holes:

If there is the presence of cracks and holes on your floor, then you will need to repair it. The patching up must take place before polishing the surface of the terrazzo. To shine, you will need a compatible color-tinted paint. Choose one that the color matches the color of the marble chips on your terrazzo floor.

Seal the Terrazzo:

To do this, you will need a sealer. This sealer will protect your floor against oil-based stains and also from moisture damage. When the sealer is applied, the pores will be closed off within the terrazzo. By doing this, the floor will not be exposed to discoloration because nothing can soak into the floor.

Polish the Terrazzo:

This is the final step that you have to take. You have to polish the surface of the terrazzo floor. Polishing of the floor can be done in three ways; by the use of Polish Powder, Diamond-Polishing or Recrystallization. Diamond-Polishing is the most popular and the most effective of them all. 

With Diamond-Polishing, you can attain a high gloss finish without making your surface slippery. If your project is strictly under budget, then Polishing Powder will serve. To use, apply some of it on the terrazzo floor and buff the bottom to make the powder penetrate inside the surface. Repeat the process to transfer a higher-grit polishing powder.

If you ever settle with Polishing powder or Recrystallization, you should know that it requires rebuffing. At least once every two years. Diamond-polishing can retain its shine for an extended period.

How much does it Cost to Restore Terrazzo Floors? 

If you are using the services of a professional, then using a Polishing powder finish or using a Recrystallization will cost $3 to $5 per square meter. If your terrazzo restoration requires Diamond Polishing, it can cost 20$ per square meter.

It should be noted that each cost depends on the finishing you need for your floor. It also depends on the size of the floor area.

Terrazzo Floor Cleaning 

You need to know how to make your terrazzo floor retain its shine after its restoration or first fixing. With these easy steps and the right cleaner for terrazzo floors, it cannot seize to shine:

  • The floor should be thoroughly swept to remove all specks of dirt or crumbs on the floor surface. You can also make use of a dry mop if the floor is dusty.
  •  Use clean water or any compatible neutral cleaner to web mop the floor, allow the cleaner to stay on the floor surface for a while. This will help soften the specks of dirt and aid in easy removal. While waiting for some minutes to allow the cleaner to soak, make sure that the entire surface retains its wetness. If not maintained, the stains will dry back into the floor. Neutral cleaners work well with clean waters.
  • Rinse the floor with clean water. You may choose to use a wet vacuum cleaner or squeegee to wipe out the water on the floor. You can rinse the floor more than once.
  • Buff the floor when it becomes dry to revive its original shine.

A professional can be hired if the stains are too stubborn to be removed with regular cleaning. In this case, the professional will have to peel the seal off and reapply it appropriately. The floor can also be polished to restore its shine. 

Some floor types require special cleaning, and it is only a specialist in the field can be consulted. Remember to choose one within your budget. When terrazzo floors are cared for, it can last for a lifetime. Rigorous cleaners and sealers can damage a terrazzo floor, and it is only compatible with neutral PH cleaners. 

How do You Get Scratches Out of Terrazzo Floors 

Having a terrazzo floor means preparing for scuffs. Scuff marks or scratches are very much likely to be present on a terrazzo floor. This guide will teach you the step by step procedures on how to get it off your foot.

Eliminate Surface Scratch Marks:

When fixing or restoring a terrazzo floor, it is finished with a thin layer of wax. To get the scratch out, you will have to peel off the wax. To do that, you will have to add dish soap to warm clean water. Using a sponge, dip it in the soapy water and clean—Buff the area in a circular motion using a clean cloth.

Remove Thick Scuff Marks:

This step should be applied if the scratch did not go off with soapy water. You will need to add more pressure this time. Using warm water, add some baking soda. Mix it till it is dissolved. Dip a sponge into the mixture and scrub it on the floor surface. Allow the mixture to dry on the floor then buff the floor.

Remove Deep Scuffs:

This is the next step to take if the scratch is still not removed. Mix a polishing Powder that is compatible with marble with water. Dip a clean cloth into the mixture and scrub the scuffed marks. Using the previous steps, buff the terrazzo floor surface.

Remove Deep Finish Scuff Marks:

If the deep scuff is not gone after using a polishing powder on it, then this step should be observed next. At this stage, you have a resilient scuff mark. This mark found its way deep inside the finish of your floor. This can happen when your floor was finished with a thin wax, so it was easier to penetrate.

You will need to use a wax remover to remove your wax. After eliminating the polish on your terrazzo floor then scrub the floor surface. Rinse with clean water after that and buff the surface when the floor becomes dry. Put in a new layer of a marble sealer and also add a wax. When they dry, buff the floor to brighten the new finish.

How to Brighten Terrazzo Floors 

This guide will help you retain that shine on your terrazzo floor.

Your floor should be cleaned before polishing it. Clean the surface with a wet mop dampened in a neutral cleaner and clean water.

Mop till all the dirt and dust is out of the floor. Allow drying before walking on it or placing pieces of furniture back.

When your floor is clean, apply a compatible sealer, and allow it to dry overnight.

Buff the floor when the sealer dries, apply a polishing powder afterward and when it absorbs, clean with a damp mop.