Top Canon Cameras in 2018

In the world of digital photography, there have been two major giant horses in the race; Nikon and Canon. They have been able to produce some of the best range of cameras suitable for beginners, enthusiast, intermediates, and professionals. Hence Nikon and Canon cameras are mostly the “go to” for most photographers looking to acquire one DSLR or the other.

Canon cameras are the best brand of cameras you could go for and the Canon camera you would go for would depend on factors like your price or budget, your level of experience in photography.

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In this article, there is for you, some of the best and top Canon cameras available for you in 2018 including some brief review. This is similar to my previous article on the best mirrorless cameras.


To discover the camera good and suitable for you, you need to know this; not every camera is for you. Some of the latest and sophisticated cameras produced come with a lot of features. What is suitable and ideal for a beginner would not be for an intermediate, enthusiast or professional. No doubt every camera could and is able to take photos and record videos, but the features differ. Some features and improvement you see on professional cameras would be lacking on some beginner cameras.

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Also, there are some special enhancements, modes special for beginners and entry-levels that would not be seen on some professional cameras.


Features you would likely see on some beginner DSLR include:

  •  They are not so expensive and valued below $1000.
  •  They are easier to handle and hold (tangible and portable enough)
  •  You would see lots of shooting modes, automatic, manual and semi-automatic which is specially made so that you could easily learn and grasp the skills in photography.
  •  There are slow and less accurate autofocus points which are also few.
  • Small megapixel and usually a crop sensor.
  • Some of the Canon cameras in this range include the MarkII and T6i.

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Features usually seen on most professional and some intermediate level cameras include:

  •  They are quite expensive and valued at around $2000.
  •  They are often large and heavy and come with lots of control and handling.
  •  Rugged and weather sealing is usually added.
  •  Usually a full frame sensor
  •  There are lots of autofocus points and manual and semi-automatic for improved focusing abilities.
  •  Examples of professional Canon cameras include Mark IV and 5D, while some intermediate canon cameras are the 6D and Mark II.
The best Canon cameras available in 2018

1. The Canon 5Ds(EOS 5Ds): The Best Canon Camera.

This camera is notably one of the best works ever of canon camera manufacturers. One special feature of this camera is the massive megapixel which is certainly to the pleasure of the professional photographer. This was specially built to meet the need of the professional photographer. This camera comes with a 50.6 MP and has a full frame sensor which is certainly high and is twice more than that seen on most beginner cameras. It (megapixel) is also twice that of the 5D Mark III.

But the 5D Mark III is not far away from this camera and they both have the same some similarities and features especially in the autofocus system. The only advantage canon 5D has over it is the max. Burst rate and in its low light performance.

Note that there is one canon brand known to have beat the Canon 5Ds which is the 5D Mark IV and is said to have been recently released.

Another top-level professional Canon DSLR is the 5D Mark III which I had earlier mentioned. Also, there is the EOS 1D X. There are also other brand professional cameras like the Nikon D850, Sony alpha a7RII****, and A9.
The Canon 5Ds is valued around $3,999 at Amazon.

2. Canon 5D Mark III: Known as the Best Canon DSLR for Video.

This is canons best product for video and videography and a special powerful camera for still photography. The only negative talked about this camera is the moderate 22.3 MP which I think is moderate and not too bad and can be used by professional photographers. Also not every camera these days come with up to 20 MP.

The Canon 5D Mark III is well known for its fast burst rate (6fps) which is better than the 5Ds and also has max ISO of 25600. Other special features include the fast autofocus. It also produces sharp still photographs.

In video capture, this camera is one of the best choices for videography due to its ability to shoot 1080p video capture at 30 FPS. But not just this camera alone, there is the Sony Alpha a7SII.
It is valued at Amazon at$2,897

3. Canon 7D Mark II: One of the Best Cameras for Sports and Action Photography.

The 5D Mark II is special for still photography, the 7D Mark II is well known for taking action and sports photography, birds and avian photography and generally for taking moving subjects.

It comes with a crop sensor and is specially designed with tools and features that help these categories of photographers to take great and amazing fast action photos. Some of these features include the 65 cross-type autofocus points, a fast 10 FPS burst rate. It shoots 1080p video at 60 FPS and easily locks focus on moving subjects.

One limitation of this camera is its 20.2MP and is valued at Amazon at$1,434.

4. Canon 6D: Valued at $999 at Amazon.

The Canon 6D is a full frame canon camera tagged the lowest priced in the full frame series. As a photographer looking to jump from crop sensor cameras to full frame, this camera is very good for a start.

Features include the 20.2MP, 1080p video quality at 30fps and a 4.5 FPS max. Burst rate. It also has an 11- point autofocus system. Hence it is very good for beginners and enthusiast alike, and photographers looking to grow to the professional level in his or her carrier. A likely competitor for this camera is the Nikon D610.


5. Canon 80D: Best All Round Canon. Valued at $1,200 at Amazon.

This camera is known as the best all-around canon camera especially when you consider its features like the autofocus points, video capabilities, frame rates and price level. It comes with a 24.2MP crop sensor with 45 cross-type autofocus points. There is also a video quality of 1080p at 6FPS and 7FPS burst rate.

This camera has some extra features like the Wi-Fi connectivity, a flip screen. One underside though is that this camera does not have a full frame sensor.

6. Canon T6i: The Best Low budget Canon Camera

This camera is tagged as a beginner and entry-level camera. This is not just because of the price (below $1000), but because of the 24.2MP crop sensor camera, 19-point autofocus and 3- inch flip screen. It also shoots 1080p video at 30FPS.
Other additional features suitable for beginners is the multiple modes; full manual mode, automatic and semi-automatic setting.
This camera is appealing to most photographer including professionals who see it as a second option due to its low budget and cheap cost and because of the lots of features.

It is valued at Amazon at $799.

Here is a video review:

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