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Tuftex Carpet Overview, Cost, Review, Maintenance

A tuftex carpet is one of the popular carpets suitable for any home for both interior and exterior uses. Having a good carpet makes you feel confident about your home.

Upgrading your flooring to tuftex carpet provides the best comfort and warm feeling in every home. This type of carpet is best known as the Anderson Tuftex or simply Tuftex. Either way, it is a brand from Shaw Floors.

The Shaw Floors Company is known for making unique products by emphasizing craftsmanship and timeless design. They do not follow the crowd, rather they spend more time to see that beautiful floors meet up with the expectation of thier customers.

They incline quality, durability, affordability and other outstanding features in one product which makes the product attract the right audience for it. A tuftex carpet serves as a stain and soil-resistant carpet.  Walking on a wet soil and getting it on your tuftex carpet will not be hard to wash the soil off. It is made with a durable premium fiber from Shaw that is coated on the tuftex carpet from the top to the bottom.

The fiber coating feature in the tuftex carpet serves as a protection. More research about this tuftex carpet has been made to answer all other questions you might be asking about the tuftex carpet. Let’s find out more about tuftex carpet.

Is Tuftex Carpet Durable?

Yes, a tuftex carpet is durable. In some cases, its reliability tends to reduce and because of that, most people prefer to go for a bare flooring option. The stains, loose fibres and even spots are what makes carpets to look worn out most of the time. But the real question is if these factors have anything on tuftex carpets.

After its release, some users of tuftex carpets reported that their tuftex carpets show weary signs on the carpet after a couple of years when it undergoes high-traffic. There were also complaints that it wears off even in areas that there is moderate traffic. Due to this fact, tuftex carpet was revamped to higher-grade forms to suit a home with a high-traffic issue.

Tuftex has several options that are available for any home with children, pets or lots of traffic because of its resistance to stains. It might be expensive to purchase at first but it is worth investing the extra cash so it will last in the long run. Replacements or hiring of professionals for the cleaning and maintenance of your carpet would be an old talk.

Tuftex Carpet Colours

Tuftex carpets focus more on traditional settings, designs and colors. Bold and trendy colors are not really considered. Instead it has several collections that offer beautiful and classic styles to fit into any home decor. It comes in several different styles like Scout.

The Scout is more like a diamond-patterned nylon loop carpet which comes in 12 different colors. Tuftex carpet also comes in a solid style which is called Mera. Mera is a nylon carpet that comes in 24 neutral colors.

If you have pets in your home, then go for Fetch. It is also a patterned nylon loop carpet made with Stainmaster Pet Protect. This carpet can help you get the most out of your flooring with your pet inclusive. It comes in 12 colors to choose from.

Tuftex carpets go out of its way to see that it provides a neutral carpet option to lift up your home decor and give it a touch of class for years to come. It will certainly meet your expectations due to its beauty.

How Much Does Tuftex Carpet Cost?

The cost of the tuftex carpet should be the next thing to consider when your mind has already been made upon purchasing it. These prices here are estimates because the actual prices can be more or less depending on the location you buy from, the type of retailer and the type of tuftex carpet you purchase.

If you are going for a lower carpet, its price range should be $1.50 or less per square foot. A medium carpet is $2 to $4 per square foot. The high-quality carpet is $4 or more per square foot. In the different collections that tuftex has, it is all available for $2 to $4 per square foot. The high-end products can cost up to $15 per square or even more.

Apart from these prices, you can purchase a tuftex carpet with any budget at hand because it offers options at every price. You would receive what you paid for and still have a high-quality carpet.

How To Clean Tuftex Carpet

To clean off spot, stain and spill from your carpet floor, follow these procedures to get it off. You can as well

i. Apply a cleaning solution, which can be a detergent, hydrogen peroxide/ Ammonia, vinegar, Ammonia or solvent, to a dry cloth and blot. According to what you are trying to clean.

ii. Scrub the area abrasively while working from the outer edge then towards the center of the spot to avoid spreading.

iii. Using water, rinse the detergent residue which may become sticky and cause rapid soiling when left for a long time.

iv. To remove the remaining moisture on your carpet, place several white towels on the surface and use heavy furniture or objects to place it on top. Make sure the object will not leave color on the carpet when it stays on for a while. This process will help it absorb the water to dry well.

How To Maintain Tuftex Carpet

To prolong the lifespan of your carpet and keep it looking clean and nice, you need to maintain and care for your carpet by following necessary procedures. The maintenance of your floor is also important because you need to keep the validity of your warranty which will cost you if you do not keep to it.

1. To maintain your floor, you need to always vacuum your carpet. By doing this you will reduce dirt accumulation in your carpet. You should vacuum your floor each time depending on the foot traffic and also the household soil in which you expose your floor to.

You should select a vacuum according to the design of your carpet. For maintenance, make use of walk-off mats at the entrance to keep dirt and soil out.

2. Keep the sidewalks and entrances free of excessive dirt. When you have spills or spots, you should clean it off using a white cloth or paper towel to absorb the spill. This will prevent the carpet from staining.

Clean using vinegar and water or detergent or ammonia and water. It is important to never rub your carpet but blot it while applying any cleaning agent you choose to use.

3. You can hire a professional to clean the floor periodically. This should be done every 24 months for effective maintenance although depending on the looks of your carpet.

If that does not work then stick to a DIY project and purchase or rent a steam cleaner which should come with a CRI Seal of Approval Programs before usage.

How To Install Tuftex Carpet

You might need a professional to handle the instalment of your carpet because it needs materials and special tools that you would not have. Tools like knee kicker and carpet stretcher cannot be seen sitting around in your garage.

Hiring a professional will also make your carpet look great effortlessly. This will save you the stress of having to rip, buckle or improperly install your flooring.

It is better to spend some little bucks than messing up your floor and risking the warranty on the carpet. This is possible because when the lifespan of your flooring shortens as a result of poor installation then it will not be covered under the warranty.

Is Tuftex Good Carpet?

Yes, it is. A popular one is known as Stainmaster product. This particular carpet has the most durable and stain-resistant product in the industry. This product is also suitable for any home with pets in it and this makes it an added bonus for every home.


In conclusion, a tuftex carpet is the ideal for every home. This does not in any way affect your budget because you can get a high quality tuftex with a small amount of money.

Tuftex carpets always leave its beautiful varieties of traditional styles and colors looking perfectly fine in your home. With all these features, you also get a warranty.

Even keeping your floor clean is not a big deal with tuftex carpet because the texture and features it has makes it easier for anything to be carried out. There are several of setbacks that come with this product but in all, one can still say that tuftex carpet is what every home needs.