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Can You Use Pine Sol on Carpet?

So, you want to know whether or not Pine-Sol can be used on your carpet right? The answer is yes, you can use Pine-Sol to get rid of spot stains on your carpet. You see, Pine-Sol has found its way to the heart of many thus becoming a household name. It is true Pine-Sol is often used for cleaning hard surfaces and disinfecting them too. But, it has also proven to be useful for performing other tasks too. One of which is to remove tough stains from your carpet.

Now, you ask how to remove carpet stains with Pine-Sol right? Wait, we will get to that in a second. First, let’s review a few things about Pine-Sol.

A Few Things About Pine-Sol Cleaner

Pine-Sol is a multi-purpose household cleaner and disinfectant made by the Clorox Company. It is used to clean and disinfect hard non-porous surfaces. It comes in Original Pine-Sol, lemon fresh, lavender clean, sparkling wave and tropical flower. It ranked as Amazon’s choice for all-purpose household cleaner.

It removes grease, grime, dirt and 99% germs from surfaces and the Original pretty much smells like Pine. Also, its active ingredients include Pine Oil, Isopropyl alcohol, cleaning agents, sulfonic acid and alkyl alcohol ethoxylates. It also has 4.8 of 5 stars in the global customer’s review.

It’s also noted worthy to know that Pine-sol cleaner unlike some cleaners does not contain ammonia. An ingredient that can cause discoloring to your carpet fibers.

So, let’s get back to removing carpet stains with pine-sol cleaner and other information you may find useful.

How to Remove Carpet Stains with Pine-Sol

Removing stains from your carpet using pine-sol is a simple 3-step procedure.

Step 1: Get your needed items in place. You need to get your wipes or microfiber cloth, water and of course your undiluted pine sol. 

Step 2: Next, find the affected spot stained with grease or dirt or whatever needs to come off your carpet. Then, you should apply to the spot and leave for a few minutes (You may leave up to 15minutes). Following this, you should wipe the region with a microfiber cloth or wipe cloth damp in water. You should repeat wiping out with water till all the pine-sol is out of the spot. 

Step 3: Lastly, dry the wet spot and ensure it is thoroughly dry.  However, before applying Pine-sol to the affected spot, check if your carpet is colorfast. You can do this by testing Pine-sol on a less obvious spot first.

How To Deodorize Your Carpet Using Pine-Sol Cleaner

Pine-Sol can play the role of deodorant on your carpet or other surfaces. It can help get rid of the smell of pee, vomit, nicotine or other offensive and pungent smell. The thing is Pine-sol cleaner has a strong smell, this allows it to easily mask other unwanted odor when applied. You should also test to know if the surface is colorfast before applying. 

Remove Urine Smell From Your Carpet With Pine-Sol

Spray undiluted Pine-sol across the affected carpet surface or dampen with a sponge or rag. Allow the cleaner to sit on the surface for about fifteen minutes. Next, rinse out Pine-sol from the carpet. Do this by dampening the rag in clean water and wiping the surface. Repeat the process until Pine-sol is completely out. Then, you dry your carpet. 

Step To Removing Cigarette Smell From Your Room Using Pine-Sol

Find for yourself small bowls and add water to them. Next, pour Pine-Sol into the bowls. Leave them open to sit in the room overnight while you keep the doors and windows closed. The strong smell of Pine-sol cleaner should be able to overshadow the smell of nicotine in the room. At dawn, remove bowls and discard their content. Then, open windows and doors to get the room ventilated.

How To Remove Car Seat Stains Using Pine-Sol Cleaner

Your car seat may get stained with coffee, soda, grease or thick dirt. Using the Pine-sol cleaner is one way of getting the stain out and having your interiors shining again. Try the following steps.

Step 1. Get what you need in place. To get your seats looking new with Pine-sol you will need the following; a scrub brush, water in a bowl or bucket, a spray bottle, a wipe cloth or rag and Pine-sol.

Step 2:  Dilute your Pine-sol to make a fifty-fifty solution. Add your pine-sol cleaner into a spray bottle and dilute with water to make a fifty-percent concentrate. Shake well to mix.

Step 3: Wet surface with water. Dip your wipe cloth or rag into a bowl of water. Squeeze out excess water from it, then wipe your car seat to have it damp. 

Step 4: Spray Pine-Sol and scrub. Using your spray bottle, spray the prepared solution on the seat and scrub thoroughly. You can improvise with a used toothbrush where there is no scrub brush. Do this till you are satisfied with the result then wipe the surface clean with water.

Step 5: Allow your car seat to dry from the moisture and you are good to go.

How To Deodorize Your Hardwood Floor Using Pine-Sol Cleaner

Hardwood floors are good absorbers of smells and scents because of their permeability. Getting rid of bad smells from it is easy too. However, before deodorizing with Pine-sol cleaner you should have your hardwood swept or vacuumed. Then, hand spray diluted Pine-sol cleaner on the floor and wipe immediately. You wipe immediately to prevent water absorption or getting your hardwood stained with cleaner. Also, ensure not to use Pine-Sol to deodorize an unsealed hardwood.

How To Keep Flies Away Using Pine-Sol Cleaner

Some horse-owners have found this cleaner useful in keeping flies away from their horses. Also, it can be used as a fly spray in individual spaces. To get off flies with the pine-sol cleaner you should mix One-third cup of water, vinegar and pine-sol. Pour into a spray bottle and shake. Then, spray across the room or surface as needed.

How To Get Rid Of Wasps And Other Pests Using Pine-Sol Cleaner

Being stung by a wasp can be hurt badly. Thankfully, Pine-sol is here for the rescue. Spraying Pine-sol Original in its full strength can help prevent wasps from hovering around you. Pine-sol Original has a strong Pine scent which is repulsive to most pests. Pine-sol is also strong enough to kill wasps and other flying stingers.

All you have to do is to spray cleaner in an area invaded by a wasp. Ensure the spray has Pine-sol in its full strength or 80 to 20 per cent ratio. Where water takes 20% and pine-sol 80%. However, to get rid of pests from your trash can or porch, a 50-50 dilution is enough for it.

How To Get Rid Of Pine-Sol Odor

As helpful as Pine-sol cleaner is, its smell isn’t pleasing to everyone. You may find its smell repulsive too. So, what do you do to get rid of the Pine-sol smell? Follow these steps;

Step 1: Use baking soda; Get baking soda. Pour them into small bowls. Place bowls in different areas around the room with a Pine-sol smell. This should help neutralize the smell.

Step 2: Use activated charcoal powder. Another way of neutralizing the smell of Pine-sol is by using activated charcoal. First, you need to make about a one-inch thick box using cardboard paper. Next, you will place the charcoal powder in the box and allow it to sit in the room overnight. You can use more than one box if you feel the odor is very strong. Activated charcoal powder can help neutralize strong odor. 

Step three: Allow fresh air into the room by opening windows and doors and turning on the fans. Atmospheric air is a natural way of getting rid of strong smells.