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Can You Use A Swiffer On Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Yes, it is safe to use a Swiffer. This cleaning product is well suited for vinyl plank flooring. Vinyl plank is characterized by its long life span and ease of cleaning. However, it demands a lot of commitment and effort from users when it comes to maintenance. This is where the Swiffer cleaning system comes into play. 

Swiffer is an effective product that can help to keep the color of your vinyl floor vibrant for a long time. This cleaning agent will not only save you a lot of time but also energy. So this article is for you if you’re still contemplating whether it is suitable to use a Swiffer on vinyl plank flooring. This write-up provides relevant detail of why Swiffer is useful on Vinyl plank flooring. You can also check out this post on using Pine Sol on Vinyl Plank Flooring.

What is Vinyl Plank Flooring?

The notion of installing vinyl plank in modern buildings is becoming increasingly popular in today’s world. This super versatile flooring option is now a staple in most new houses within the United States and other parts of the world. Vinyl is preferred to classic wood due to its durability, sturdiness, and elegance.

Today, vinyl boards are an excellent option commonly used for construction and renovation of many homes in the United States. They can be installed in rooms such as our sitting rooms or bedrooms. Another unique thing about vinyl plank flooring is that you can also put it in the kitchens and bathrooms. Normally places like these require you to distort or warp the wood before installing it on the floor.

Why You Should Use Swiffer On Vinyl Plank Flooring.

The paragraphs below provide valid reasons Swiffer should be used on vinyl plank floors:

It requires less time and effort.

It is easier and much more convenient to use Swiffer for daily cleaning of the vinyl floor. Besides, regular cleanup and maintaining of your Vinyl floors could be a tedious task. First, you need to sweep or wipe off dirt on the floor. Then you have to clean with a dry cloth. This a task you have to indulge daily or weekly, and you can never escape.

Unfortunately, when you fail to clean your vinyl plank floor, it will gradually lose its shine and become unattractive. However, you can buy an effective floor cleaning product like the Swiffer WetJet Starter Kit. This will make the maintenance routine easier. The Swiffer WetJet starter kit comes with all items needed to clean up in one place. So it’s convenient to have it on hand.

It is useful for reducing stress on your back.

Swiffer may not guarantee you have total peace of mind, but it will help save you from daily stress. Using this product can also significantly reduce the stress associated with cleaning. Your spine and your back will not have to go through rigorous routine it is used to.

Suitable for delicate floors 

The Swiffer cleaning product remains one of the safest cleaning options for your Vinyl plank floor. This effective cleaning agent is designed to care for delicate floors such as vinyl plank floors. Consequently, you would not have to worry about leaving scratches or traces of black spots after cleaning the floor.

How to Maintain A Vinyl Plank Floor?

Below are reliable maintenance tips to keep in mind to help you keep your vinyl plank floor in top condition:

  • You should purchase furniture felt pads. This material is useful in the protection of vinyl floors against scratches.
  • Avoid using furniture with rollers on the vinyl plank floor since it cannot be kept with a pad.
  • You must always use a soft and bristle brush to clean up spilled material on your vinyl plank flooring.
  • If you spill food accidentally on the floor, avoid cleaning it with a knife. This or any similar tool can cause scratch or damage to the protective layer on the vinyl floor.
  • Ensure you don’t use any object that can scrub the top layer of the floor.
  • It is recommended not to use steam cleaners on vinyl floors. However, steam cleaners are commonly used nowadays, which makes it tempting to purchase them. However, you must understand it’s not an excellent option to keep vinyl plank floors shiny.

5 Effective Steps To Clean Luxury Vinyl Plank Floor 

It is well known that vinyl plank floors require low maintenance. Besides, it is easy to tidy up, coupled with the fact it doesn’t need fancy or expensive products to keep it clean. But then, does that hold for luxury vinyl floors? After all, it’s luxury, right? But the good news is that even if it is a luxury, you maintain it with little or no hassles. It doesn’t require high-cost maintenance, as you would think.

Nevertheless, you would still have to do some cleaning on it, especially during this period of the Covid19 pandemic. The steps below would provide ground up details on how to clean luxury vinyl plank floors. Moreover, you don’t have to work too much, putting the cleaning process into practice.

Here are the steps to follow when cleaning luxury vinyl plank Floor:

Step 1. Endeavor To Dust The Floor

To keep the color of your luxury vinyl floor brilliant, ensure to dust it every day. You must dust your floor at least once daily. 

Step 2. Don’t Allow The Dirt To Accumulate.

When you have many visitors in your home, wait for them to leave the room and do the dusting immediately. This is necessary because it is not good to have dirt and dust on the surface of the floor for too long. This accumulated dust or dirt will turn to grime, stubborn stains, scratches, or scuffs. To prevent such a situation, use a vacuum to clean your floor. Vacuuming is not only easier and faster, but it would have a better result.

Step 3. Always Mop The Floor Properly

It’s ideal for wet clean your floor. However, it is not compulsory to wet the vinyl plank flooring every day, particularly when done with dusting the process. But you should dry mop the luxury vinyl floor every time you clean the floor. To do this, simply mix a glass of vinegar in a gallon of warm water. This is the best solution used for wet cleaning. 

Make use of microfiber cloth or pad as it is gentle on the surface. After you are done with cleaning the whole house, quickly replace the bucket with water. And remember, always change the water before mopping. Note it required you wet Mop your luxury vinyl flooring once or twice weekly.

Step 4. Endeavor You Remove The Stains

When people live in a house, it is most likely to have stubborn stains on the floor. You don’t have to wait for the spilled food or drinks to dry on the floor surface. Ensure you quickly clean it up. Make use of a clean scrub with mild dish soap or vinegar and water to clean it. If it’s still there, instead of getting a chemical solution to remove it, clean it frequently. Once you do the cleaning regularly, it will be slowly removed.

Step 5. Always Keep The Floor Dry

Exposing of luxury vinyl floors to water or moisture is a sure way to promote the growth of mold. So, after mopping, ensure you dry it up by opening all the windows or turning on the fan. Whenever you notice any standing water on the floor, don’t hesitate to Wipe it off the floor with a dry cloth. Damp floors quickly attract dirt and dust.

Why Swiffer WetJet Starter Kit Is Highly Recommended

This Swiffer brand is a high-quality mop for the vinyl plank floor. Besides, it is made especially for vinyl floorings. It is known that vinyl floors are highly susceptible to abrasive damage. The Swiffer Wetjet Starter is Safe for use. It has been widely tried and tested. 

This kit also features a high-quality microfiber mixer. Combining this cleaning brand with a microfiber mop is relatively healthy for LVP (Luxury Vinyl Plank) due to their non- abrasive nature.

Furthermore, it does not cause damage or leave harmful effects on vinyl planks. Even better, the solution is quite suitable for dissolving old strains. Additionally, you won’t have to pass it twice over a spot on the floor to clean it since it’s a spray.

Unlike other dry cleaning agents, this Swiffer Kit does not cause any damage to the vinyl plank floors. So if you want to keep the beautiful appearance of your vinyl floors without damaging them, consider using the Swiffer WetJet Starter Kit.

How To Use A Swiffer With Caution

Swiffers are a great option to use instead of classic strings mop. But this cleaning agent comes with a few limitations. Here are some few warnings to heed when using Swiffer on your vinyl plank flooring:

Be cautious of the cleaning solution that comes with Swiffer. Most of them contain some percentage of alcohol. Alcohol is terrible for vinyl materials and can slowly damage the surface of your floor.

There is a gas scrubber attached to Swiffer, and you must never use it. 

Avoid using Nylon bristles because they are too hard and can cause scratches with little pressure.


To conclude, you should have in mind that there is a difference between regular and luxury vinyl flooring. We tend to take extra care of luxurious things. So, treat luxury vinyl flooring the same manner as you would treat a regular vinyl flooring. If you vigorously clean your vinyl flooring with Swiffer WetJet four times a week, reduce it to once in luxury vinyl.