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How to Vacuum Stairs The Right Way

Living in a house with multiple floors can be amazing until it comes to cleaning the stairs. Stairs do accumulate dust especially if it has high traffic. Cleaning the stairs can be complicated. You have to deal with removing hair, dust and dirt stuck in hidden corners.

Whether you have a hardwood or carpet stair, a vacuum comes in handy when it comes to cleaning. But to get the best result, you have to vacuum your stairs using the right method. This post got you covered on how to vacuum stairs and other tips to get the right result with little effort.

Steps to Vacuum Stairs the Right Way

Step 1: Pick Up Dirt

The first thing you should do before vacuuming is to pick up dirt, hair, objects, and debris off the stairs. Your vacuum can suck in these objects which can clog and damage the machine. Starting from the top of the stair with a plastic bag, pick up all the sizable objects on the way.  

Step 2. Step Up Your Vacuum

To vacuum stairs, you’ll need to use them to set up the right attachment for your vacuum. The brush attachment and crevice tool come in handy for the process. The crevice is the tiny and long nozzle-like attachment used in cleaning tight corners. Fix in the right attachments and get ready for the vacuuming process.  

Step 3. Start with the Corners

For most stairs, the corners and edges have major dust and debris buildup. Start with the corners and edges. This will loosen up debris in the corner for easy removal in the later part of your cleaning.  Attach and make use of the crevice for this process. For the best results, work your way to the top of the stairs, then repeat the process down.

Step 4. Vacuum the Treads

After you are done cleaning the corners, the treads are the next place to focus. The tread is the flat surface you stand on. For the best result, use a beater brush attachment for the cleaning. As you work your way through the process, run the nozzle slowly as you get to each step.

Step 5. Vacuum the Riser

The riser is the vertical part that connects one step to another. It is considered the trickiest to clean in the entire process. The best way to clean the riser is to turn the brush attachment upside down and use it to slowly vacuum the riser. For the best result, vacuum the riser using the up and down stroke.

Step 6. Clean the Handrail

Clean the handrail to complete the vacuuming process. The major thing you have to worry about with handrails is dust. Run a wet cloth down the handrail to remove dust.

Tips To Bear In Mind When Vacuuming Stairs

These are a couple of tips to bear in mind when vacuuming stairs to ease up the process for you.

Use the Right Tool: You will have to switch between tools when vacuuming stairs. Knowing the right tool to use for each part of your stairs will make the work easier for you. Use the crevice for the corners and brush attachment for the riser.

Work From Top to Bottom: Start vacuuming from the top and work your way to the bottom of the stairs. This makes it easy to pick up dirt pushed down from the top.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should You Vacuum Your Stairs?

How often you vacuum your stairs will depend on the traffic to the stair. If the stairs get high traffic, then it’s best to vacuum at least once a week. But low traffic stairs, once a month will do.

What is the Best Way to Clean Carpet on Stairs?

Vacuuming remains the best way to clean carpet on stairs. For the best result, use a cordless vacuum. It will easily suck up dirt from the carpet.

Is it Bad to Vacuum My Stairs Every day?

No. There is nothing wrong with vacuuming your stairs daily if you have the time. It will keep your home clean. The downside is that, if you have a carpet, vacuuming everyday loosen and damage the carpet fibers.