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How to Whitewash Laminate Flooring

Looking for steps on how to whitewash laminate flooring? Then this article is for you. These are practical steps on how to whitewash laminate flooring that you need to follow to conveniently create a whitewash finish on your laminate floor.

Clean the Floor

Before the process begins, there is a need for your floor to be free from pieces of furniture or anything in your workspace. Then you need to clean your laminate floor with a solution that contains mild dishwashing soap and a bucket of warm water. Using a clean cloth, dampen it into the solution and wipe the whole laminate flooring with it thoroughly. After the cleaning is done, then allow the floor to dry up. This step is necessary because the process of whitewash works better on a clean floor.

Sand the Laminate Floor

In this procedure, you will need to sand the floor with a 120 grit sandpaper. There is a need, stated by experts, to work along the grain of the laminate floor and sand it down to be light. While on this, there is no need to remove or strip anything from the floor. You only need to sand the floor down to a perfect texture that the next step would accept. When the sanding process is done, use a lint-free shop cloth to wipe off the sanding dust from the floor surface.

Apply Primer

Apply a coat of primer on the laminate floor. To apply the primer, make use of a paint roller to smoothly run it down. You have to buy a primer that can stick to the laminate floor and a primer that is compatible with latex paint. Following the instructions given by the manufacturer on the label, wait for the primer to dry.

Prepare Whitewash

To prepare a whitewash, you will need to add some water to your off-white latex paint. You will need to mix the water and off-white latex paint in different proportions so you can be able to get a whitewash look you desire. Add more water to the paint if you need to make a whitewash thinner or sheerer. At the end of the mixture, your whitewash should be in the form of normal cream. Heavy milk and not skim milk.

Apply Whitewash

When your mixture is ready and in the exact form it should be then it is time to apply the whitewash to your laminate floor. To do this, use a paint roller or a sponge brush. Make use of flat-finish latex paint to create a chalky lime-based whitewash look. When the laminate floor is covered with the whitewash finish, then allow to dry for up to 24 hours.

Seal the Floor

This is the last step in this process where you will get to seal the whitewash on your laminate floor with water-based latex varnish. It is advisable by the experts to apply two coats of varnish and allow to dry according to the instructions on the label. The varnish can be applied with a regular paintbrush. Your floor should be ready to use once the varnish dries out.

What is the Best Way to Clean Laminate Floors

Sweep Regularly

Your laminate floor should be kept clean at every interval. You can get to carry this out using a soft-bristle broom. This broom can also help you get pet hairs off the floor, followed by dust and dirt that are on your floor.

Get off Hard to Reach Dust

You need to reach out to any hidden corners and all angles that you cannot reach. To get to the hard to reach dust areas, use a soft brush attachment on your vacuum.

Clean with a Damp Mop

By using a damp mop, it will require less water. Very hot water is preferable because it will not be able to seep in between your laminate floor but normal water will. You can also make use of small drops of dish soap.

Steam Mops

You can use a steam mop to take care of your deep cleanings. Steam mops should not be used occasionally because it might pose a risk and cause your laminate floor to buckle.

Window Cleaner

This can be used when there is a presence of spills. It can be used on your floor but not overused because it can damage protective sealants.

Maintenance Tips For Laminate Flooring

·   Wipe off spills from the floor as soon as it is seen. This is because water and laminate floors do not go hand in hand. It must end up in disaster.

·   You should endeavor to place a mat under the pet’s water bowl. You should also place some mats under your child’s high chair. These mats will be responsible for the protection of the floor.

·   Using products that promote shine can make your floor shiny as new, but it can also pose a danger and cause your floor to have waxy buildup that is hard to get off. Pine scented cleaners should also be avoided. It leaves a dull and soapy residue.

·   Avoid using vinegar, vinegar is acidic and it has high chances of destroying your laminate floor and removing protective seals. You can use it in a small quantity and with very hot water.

·   Stiletto heels are fascinating but are not suitable for your laminate floor, you can pop them outside your house on your way out.

·    Cut the nails of your pets. Pets can leave a scratch on your floor when they have long nails. These scratches left on the floor can be a way for water to seep in and destroy your floor.

·   Use furniture pads for your chairs and tables. Placing them under it can protect both the floor and the furniture